Preventive Dentistry

One of our most important goals at Strathfieldsaye Dental is to help our patients keep their teeth for life. The easiest way to reduce the risk of decay, serious infections or disease is with a good preventive dentistry system.

Our motto at Strathfieldsaye Dental is “Prevention is better than a Cure.” At your regular dental visit we focus on oral hygiene care that includes scaling and cleaning, preventive dental X-rays and fluoride application. We encourage fissure sealants for all young growing patients and also mature adults. Dental sealants are applied usually to premolar and posterior molar teeth. They seal the deep grooves generally on the biting surface which then prevents the decay of teeth. We also encourage custom made mouthguards for the children playing sports.

It is recommended by Australian dental council to have six monthly check ups and gum cleaning for adequate dental health. Preventive dentistry aims to avoid more complex treatment by providing the appropriate maintenance and oral hygiene. Our experts will assist you in developing a personalised program to maximise these efforts and avoid future complex and costly treatment.

All of our family dentists at our practices emphasise the benefits of prevention for several reasons:

  • Prevention is easier than treatment (and also cheaper)
  • Poor oral health impacts your overall health
  • Gum disease leads to tooth loss.

Don’t Put Off Having Regular Check-Ups. If more than six months have passed since you last saw a dentist, contact our staff to make an appointment today on (03) 5439 4777. A routine examination can help detect any potential problems before they become more serious and time consuming to fix.